Full Body Liposuction

Breaking Down the Unwanted Fat in Your Body

Spending interminable hours trying to sweat out unwanted fat and deprive your body of the foods you crave without any visible results. No doubt, a healthy diet and workout are essential to living a happy and healthy life, but when the stubborn fat refuses to melt away and keeps on peeping out of your clothes, you need a far more effective way to achieve the body you are working.

We offer fluid cavitation in Richmond to help you get rid of the bulging fat in less than 25 minutes! You can quickly wear your favorite clothes, dress the way you want, and look and feel beautiful with cavitation treatment that does not require surgery or recovery time.

No Knives. No Needles. No Scars.

Fat cavitation or ultrasonic cavitation is a risk-free cosmetic procedure that breaks apart the fat deposits in your body. It is a very effective and non-invasive treatment that is an alternative to liposuction. Ultrasonic radio waves are used to break apart the fat cells that are then absorbed by the lymphatic system into your body.

There are no incisions which means the recovery time is easier. Your skin is completely untouched, unlike liposuction, saving you from unsightly complications. The cavitation treatment destroys the stubborn fat cells, and over six to twelve weeks, your body flushes the fat away. You can effortlessly get rid of the exercise-resistant fat deposits to help you get the body you want.

You deserve more, and we make sure you do get more!