Genuine booty infusion

Genuine Booty Infusion

Let’s Get You A Booty-full Butt Enhancement Treatment

Suppose you are not comfortable with the idea of transferring fat from another part of your body to your butt or undergoing a surgical butt lift. In that case, our booty infusions service offers you a third non-invasive option. You will get a plumper and more rounded look with an injectable butt-lift to give you the attractive posterior you wish for in a comfortable environment.

A Safer And Better Option

Not everyone is up for cutting open their bodies for implants which is understandable and wise. However, the later painful troubles accompanying the surgeries can be avoided by opting for the easier and advanced non-invasive body butt infusions with no downtime, no scars, or bruises.

Our booty infusions bar serves those who wish to get beautiful results and avoid painful surgeries and long recovery times. The non-surgical augmentation enhances the curves of your body without any implants or liposuction.

Working Of The Process

The booty infusion center looks for a suitable filler for the non-surgical butt enhancement treatment. Fillers like Sculptra are the best option that triggers the inflammatory response to create more collagen and scar tissue that accentuates the contour of your butt.

You can get the best booty infusion in Richmond at Genuine Body Beauty Bar, where our experts get you the suitable filler and treat you in a clean, hygienic, and private environment. You get the perfect subtle results you look for without any surgery. You can be an ideal candidate for the booty infusions treatment if you do not have excess fat or want to go for implants. You can quickly resume your daily activities once the infusion is injected.

You can book your booty-full session now!