Wood Therapy Contouring

Wood Body Contouring

Wood Body Contouring In Richmond for a Beautiful You!​

Wood therapy has always been practiced and has evolved from using rough wood tools to smooth ones for aesthetics. Wood has been used for many treatments, but the trendiest one is body sculpting wood therapy in Richmond. It enhances the appearance of your body and face and improves your overall health.

What Is Wood Sculpting

Before you get the best wood sculpting massage in Richmond at GB3, you must know what it is. Using the finer wood tools, your targeted areas are warmed up, which helps in breaking apart the stubborn fat and smoothes out the unsightly and unwanted bulges. In addition, the wood therapy contouring activates the lymphatic system that kick starts the metabolism, helping control fat accumulation.
The anatomically sculpted wooden implements advance the overall health and improve body proportions. It helps in redefining body contours and facilitates weight loss. The instruments impose high pressure that intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite that are eliminated with other toxins.

Benefits of Wood therapy body sculpting include:

  • It is a natural and non-invasive process
  • It eliminates toxins
  • Your lymphatic system is activated
  • Tones your body
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Breaks down cellulite
  • Tightens skin
  • Reduces size
  • Free of Contraindication

When complemented with a healthy lifestyle, wood sculpting therapy can help bring permanent change to your body shape. It would be best if you continued with regular and consistent wood therapy for faster and long-lasting results.